Garden City Reflexology With Catherine Ashman in Welwyn Garden City

Typical session

The appointment is an hour and treatment lasts for about 50 minutes, however this can vary depending on the individual treatment plan. You will remain fully clothed, with only your socks and shoes removed. I use a lafuma chair; which reclines so you feel comfortable and supported. Please allow an extra 20 minutes for your first visit, so we can cover a consultation about your lifestyle, diet, and medical history. This helps me gain a clear understanding about your symptoms and enables us to agree together a plan for the most effective treatment and to ensure that you are happy before treatment commences. All documents are stored safely and confidentially.

Using oil, balm or powder, light pressure is applied to the feet. Most clients find the treatment relaxing and often fall asleep. Sometimes sensitivity can be felt in areas of the feet or hand, this usually indicates an energy blockage. At the end of the session I will discuss the treatment findings with you and may offer holistic lifestyle advice.

What to expect after a treatment
Most people feel deeply relaxed and calm after a treatment. Often experiencing an improved quality of sleep, increases energy levels and a feeling of well-being. The response to treatments are unique to each person. The treatment works on both the physical and emotional aspects of good health. Sometimes underlying symptoms can be more acute after a treatment but this is usually only temporary. Occasionally people can experience a mild headache, feel tired or need to go to the toilet more often than usual, these are normal reactions and pass within 24-48 hours.

Preconception, pregnancy & post natal care reflexology
Preconception -If you are trying to conceive, reflexology may help stimulate & stabilise the hormonal system, encouraging the body to establish a normal cycle. It can also have a calming effect on the body and mind, helping to ensure your body is in optimum condition to aid conception.
Pregnancy & labour-Many midwives recommend reflexology as it is a safe, beneficial therapy to have during pregnancy. It may help alleviate related conditions such as; morning sickness, back pain, fatigue, fluid retention and anxiety. It allows you time away from your busy life and provides a safe, comforting place where you can focus on yourself and your growing baby. It is perfectly safe to have reflexology after the first trimester.
When the due date is near it may be beneficial to have reflexology treatments more frequently. It is thought that it will help support the body to prepare for labour and aids relaxation at a time when stress levels are often high.
Post natal care-Reflexology is a gentle, calming way to aid recovery after the birth of your baby, regulate the hormonal system, encouraging the body to return to it's pre-pregnant state, and supporting your mental and emotional well-being.

Hand reflexology- is a deeply relaxing treatment; working in the same way as foot reflexology, useful for those who do not like their feet being touched or have a foot infection/injury. It can be effective in helping many conditions including insomnia, frozen shoulder, stress and arthritis. It is given whilst you are comfortable in the reclining chair covered with a blanket.

Indian Head Massage- a wonderful, relaxing treatment involving massage techniques applied to the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face. A natural way to relieve muscular tension, improve circulation to the scalp and in turn strengthen and grow hair. It is effective in relieving insomnia, anxiety, sinusitis, migraines, dizziness, headaches and eye strain. It is given whilst you are comfortable sitting in a low back chair.

Video- What is Reflexology?

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