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Frequently Asked questions

How many treatments will I need?
After your first treatment I will recommend a treatment plan, as each person and their reasons for having reflexology is unique, their treatment plan will be tailored just for them. Sometimes people notice a difference after just one session but usually a course of weekly, fortnightly or monthly treatments is beneficial.
To maintain good health and well-being many people find having continuous monthly treatments helps.

Is reflexology painful and will it tickle?
Usually reflexology does not tickle even if the person has sensitive feet. It is a relaxing treatment and although you can feel different areas of the feet or hands being worked on it isn't painful. However you might feel discomfort if I find an area out of balance, this discomfort should only last a short time whilst I am working on that congestion.

What should I wear?
You will remain full clothed, only your shoes and socks will be removed. Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended so you can feel relaxed and so I can easy access to your feet and lower legs. I will place a blanket over you so you feel warm and relaxed.

What information will be asked at the consultation?
Questions about your lifestyle, medical history, current health, diet, exercise and general information about you will be asked. This will enable me to plan a course of holistic treatments to best meet your needs. All information is kept confidential and stored securely.

What medical conditions would prevent reflexology being given?
There are not many contra-indications and I would identify these by either a pre-treatment telephone consultation, by email or in the first consultation appointment. As a guide anyone with a high temperature or thrombosis are not advised to have reflexology. Those with a foot infection, hand reflexology can be offered.

How will I feel after reflexology?
Each person is different to how they feel after their treatment, but generally most experience being feeling deeply relaxed and calm. A lot people experience reduced stress, improved sleep, and an increased sense of well-being and balance. Occasionally people can experience a mild headache, feel tired and the presenting symptoms can be more acute but this is temporary and should pass within 24-48 hours.

Will you be able to diagnose what is wrong with me?
A reflexologist does not diagnose, prescribe or cure. It does not replace conventional medical treatment.

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